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Bathroom Remodeling Howell Mi | Plumbing Contractors For Residential and Commercial Renovations

Brock Mechanical is an industry leader when it comes to bathroom remodeling services in Howell, Mi. Our specialization lies in creating beautiful yet functional residential bathrooms.

Plumbing is integral to bathroom remodels, so hiring us ensures this complex task will run smoothly. Our knowledgeable team not only offers plumbing services but has an in-depth knowledge of how plumbing interacts with other elements in your bathroom space.

General contractors might seem like an appealing option, but they lack the specialized plumbing knowledge required for bathroom renovation projects. A poorly executed plumbing job can lead to leaks, water damage, and inefficient water usage in your future bathroom renovation. You are tapping our comprehensive plumbing expertise by choosing Brock Mechanical to avoid such pitfalls.

At Brock Mechanical, we take great care in understanding your vision and needs for bathroom renovation. Trust us to deliver an incredible bathroom remodeling experience in Howell, Mi, that adds value to your home while expanding your living space.

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Brock Mechanical's Bathroom Remodeling Projects Cover:

bathroom remodel howell

Brock Mechanical’s bathroom remodeling projects span an array of services, spanning comprehensive plumbing overhauls to fixture installation and upgrades. We install sinks, faucets, bathtubs, showers, toilets, and more with an eye for detail.

New Construction

We provide exceptional bathroom remodeling services for new construction projects in Howell, Michigan. Our experts combine your design vision with our plumbing expertise to craft efficient yet stylish and practical bathrooms in your new home. Brock Mechanical's team meticulously plans and executes each task!

Plumbing Fixtures Updates

At Brock Mechanical, we recognize the vital role that plumbing fixtures play in your home's functionality and aesthetics. That's why we provide a range of plumbing fixture updates to refresh your space while increasing efficiency.

Toilet Replacement

At Brock Mechanical, our swift and efficient replacement services ensure minimal disruption to daily routines. From selecting an aesthetic toilet that matches your budget to expert installation, trust us for a modern toilet replacement experience for your home!

New Faucet Installation

We offer expert new faucet installation services in Howell, MI, and surrounding areas. With an array of faucet designs available that fit the style and needs of any space, we provide a seamless installation process to guarantee a leak-free and aesthetic faucet.

Tile Installation

Our team excels not only at plumbing, but we're also adept at tile installation. No matter if it's remodeling your bathroom or kitchen or giving your space an entirely new look - our experts are on hand to ensure perfect tile placement to enhance the aesthetic.

New Showers, Bathtub Installation

We offer shower and bathtub installation services to turn your bathroom into your personal oasis. Our experts ensure high functionality and visual appeal in every detail of our installations. You can trust us with luxurious shower and bathtub installations!

Why trust Brock Mechanical for future projects on bathroom remodeling across Howell, Mi?

Brock Mechanical’s plumbers in Howell, MI, are trusted providers of home remodeling services. Our exceptional plumbing and remodeling professionals consistently deliver meticulous and efficient services that exceed expectations, while meeting or exceeding quality standards. Let Brock Mechanical transform your vision into reality today.

By choosing us, you’re guaranteed a flawless remodeling experience with attention paid to every detail and potential plumbing issues being minimized in the future. Our commitment to transparency, professional approach, and competitive pricing have earned us an excellent reputation within the community. Additionally, we understand that financing a remodeling project can be a concern, which is why we offer a variety of financing options available to suit your budget, ensuring that your dream renovation is within reach.

Need to renovate your bathroom? Call us now at (248) 529-6251 for a no-committal discussion of how we can make that dream a reality! Our high-quality services guarantee the best outcomes and customer satisfaction for all your future projects.


Bathroom remodeling costs in Michigan depend heavily on the location and scope of work. In Detroit, for example, costs typically range between $7,200 to $44,800 depending on bathroom size, materials chosen, project complexity, and other factors. Meanwhile, in Lansing, a 3/4 bathroom renovation typically runs between $30,000 to $55,000, with primary renovations between $55,000- $85,000 on average.

So, contact a reputable remodeling company such as Brock Mechanical for an accurate quote tailored specifically for you. Brock Mechanical offers free estimates, so you can be sure you’re getting the best possible price for your project.

Redefining the architecture of your bathroom by altering its layout is often the costliest aspect of remodeling. Dismantling existing fixtures, disposing of them responsibly, and then installing new elements add significant labor expenses.

Besides, installing new plumbing fixtures like bathtubs, showers, sinks, or toilets typically constitutes the expensive aspect of bathroom remodeling. This process often requires skilled plumbers and significant structural changes, which further increase expenses. In addition, the expenses will depend on the complexity of the design, the size of bathroom space available, and the materials chosen for remodeling.

In recent years, bathroom remodeling costs typically ranged from $50 to $250 per square foot on average. Usually, the cost of remodeling a bathroom varies significantly based on factors like quality of materials, project complexity, regional pricing differences, and regional variance. If you want more accurate estimates, call local bathroom contractors in Howell, Mi, like Brock Mechanical!

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