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At Howell, Michigan, Brock Mechanical offers reliable water heater repair service. Our skilled team has you covered whether you require gas, electrical or tankless heater repairs. We cover you from inconsistent heating, noises or leaks signaling you might require hot water heater repair Howell, Mi, to regular maintenance visits for prevention. Call us now on (248) 529-6251 to experience quick service and guaranteed satisfaction – don’t let a faulty water heater ruin your day. Our mission is to ensure your comfort and convenience by resolving your water heater problems!

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Our Water Heater Repair & Replacement Services cover:

Brock Mechanical’s water heater repair and replacement services in Howell, Mi, offer comprehensive solutions. We are experts in gas, electric and tankless heater repair services for simple to complex issues. Whether your water heater is making odd noises, not heating evenly, or has stopped working properly – count on us to promptly diagnose and resolve it efficiently.

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Gas Water Heaters

Gas water heaters are an energy-efficient choice that is popular with many homeowners yet can pose potential problems. Common failures of this appliance include pilot light issues due to faulty thermocouples or clogged pilot orifices.

Furthermore, malfunctioning gas control valves may affect how quickly and effectively water can be heated up, and leaks in either its gas line or tank could pose safety hazards.

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Electrical Hot Water Heaters

Electrical water heaters are efficient appliances, but they may experience issues like any device. Common failures include heating element defects that lead to no hot water being available or insufficient heating levels being produced.

Besides, thermostat issues can occur that cause fluctuating water temperatures. The sediment build-up at the tank's bottom can cause overheating or unpleasant odors. Thus, it needs regular inspection and maintenance!

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Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless water heater repairs typically involve addressing common issues that compromise performance. With time, mineral build-up may reduce efficiency, or spark or flame failure can occur.

Moreover, the consistent temperatures could indicate heating element issues. The overloads in venting systems could also result in malfunctions. It requires immediate attention and effective solutions.

Water Heater Maintenance Services

Maintenance services extend your water heater’s lifespan and ensure it operates at peak efficiency. It saves on energy costs while providing reliable hot water service. Imagine stepping into a hot shower every morning without worrying about your water heater failing. Don’t wait for a breakdown! The preventative maintenance services can identify any potential issues preemptively and help save money on costly repairs.

Gas and Electric Water Heaters

Regularly scheduled maintenance can extend their lifespan by 10-15 years by inspecting heating elements, checking for leaks, inspecting leaky valves, flushing the tank with flusher fluid to clear sediment build-up and flushing the tanks to remove it.

Tankless Water heaters

Maintenance can usually be conducted every 1-2 years to extend their lifespan by 20 years, including inspecting for leaks or mineral build-up and optimizing burner operation.

Why go with Brock Mechanical For Water Heater Repair services across Howell, MI?

Brock Mechanical represents an investment in quality, reliability and customer satisfaction. Our unique blend of technical knowledge and exceptional customer service sets us apart as dependable plumbing repair service provider in Howell. Besides, our highly qualified technicians specialize in all types of water heaters for comprehensive solutions tailored specifically to your needs – with no hidden charges attached & affordable price! We value transparency and always communicate clearly to avoid surprises.

Brock Mechanical is a locally owned and operated business that does an excellent job of providing plumbing repair and maintenance services. We understand the importance of fast response times and won’t keep you waiting when it matters most. From gas, electric, or tankless water heater issues – we are equipped to tackle them all. Beyond fixing your issue quickly, we ensure that you understand its cause and how best to prevent future incidents from arising.

Do you need water heater repair and maintenance services with expert precision? Brock Mechanical believes in “service needed – service provided” and can meet all your water heater installation & repair requirements in Howell, MI. Additionally, we offer all the services to keep your plumbing systems, including water softeners, running smoothly. Contact Brock Mechanical today to schedule service or speak with one of our expert technicians to get a free estimate and find solutions to resolve your issues.


Failure of a hot water tank can manifest itself in various forms, with one of the more obvious being an absence of hot water. Other signs may include:

  • Inconsistent temperatures or too hot water.
  • Leaks around its base.
  • Strange noises, such as popping or hissing, and discolored or smelly water.

Failures like these could stem from broken heating elements, thermostat issues, sediment build-up in tank sediment or corrosion/rust damage, among other potential culprits.

Technically, you can still shower if your water heater leaks. However, it’s not recommended due to several reasons. The leak could cause a drop in water temperature, leading to a less-than-comfortable shower. Also, the leak may indicate a more serious issue with your water heater that needs immediate attention. Continued use might exacerbate the problem.

If your water heater is leaking, take immediate steps. Switch off both power sources as soon as you notice leakage. Turn off the water supply and water source. Now, contact professional repair services like Brock Mechanical so they can assess and perform necessary repairs. Remember to avoid DIY fixes that could exacerbate issues. Attempting repairs yourself can be dangerous and cause further problems!

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